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Investment Property Appraisal

Investment Property Appraisals in Ottawa, Toronto, and Kingston

National Appraisals is your source for investment property appraisals in Ottawa, Toronto, and Kingston. We provide investment property appraisals for commercial and residential properties. We have a team of experienced and certified appraisers who will provide you with an accurate and objective assessment of your property’s value.

Trusted by Canada’s top real estate investors, National Appraisals provides accurate and reliable investment property appraisals at a fraction of the cost of traditional appraisal companies. Our appraisal reports include detailed information about the condition of the building, its location, and any recent renovations. They also contain a comprehensive valuation report based on market analysis and comparable sales.

Residential & Commercial Investment Property Appraisal Services

National Appraisals has the experience and expertise you need to make the right decisions for your portfolio. Our appraisers are experts in the field and can provide you with the information you need to make informed investment decisions. With years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide accurate and reliable appraisals. Our appraisers are highly qualified professionals who understand the unique challenges of investing in real estate. They know what it takes to accurately assess the market value of your property, whether it’s a single-family home or a multi-unit building.

Our goal at National Appraisal Services is to provide our clients with quality service and affordable appraisal reports. We understand that buying real estate requires careful consideration, so we take pride in providing a detailed analysis of all aspects of your property.

It is not uncommon to get a residential appraisal for an investment property. Appraisals are quite useful for investors whether they are looking to buy or sell a property, or if they want to refinance their existing investment property to purchase other properties. Additionally, they can also be used for understanding the change in the value of a property over time. Keep reading to know more about investment property appraisal and learn how you can get it.

Residential Appraisal in Ottawa for Investment Property

It is really hard to find a real estate investor who is not familiar with a home appraisal. Despite that, a lot of investors fail to use this tool to gain maximum benefits. The biggest reason for this is the uncertainty about getting an appraisal. In most cases, if you are confused about getting a property appraisal, just go for it. This rule of thumb is quite helpful because it offers a better understanding of your property’s worth. Hence, you can get a good return on a given investment property.

If you own an investment property in Ottawa, residential appraisals can be requested every few years. Many people think that they should get a real estate appraisal only when a deal is on the line. However, that’s not the case because you can request a home appraisal to determine the amount of appreciation or depreciation or value of the portfolio for capital gains purposes.

This can bring several benefits to the owner. For example, if your house has appreciated, you can figure out the potential return and think about selling it or refinancing it. On the other hand, if your investment property has depreciated, you can get an appraisal report, forward it to MPAC, and dispute your assessed value to reduce your property tax amount. This is one of the most effective ways to build real estate wealth.  

How to Get an Appraisal for Your Investment Property?

To get an Ottawa real estate appraiser to value your property, simply go to the order an appraisal page.

It’s important to consider that real estate agents are not appraisers. They have access to the Ottawa Real Estate Board and can estimate the value of a given property, however, they are not licensed to do the appraisal itself. Unless they have an appraisal license of course.

While selecting a real estate appraiser in Ontario, you must ask him/her about the reports that will be given. Some appraisers give extra reports that can be extremely helpful in making a decision such as market rent reports. This is because they show a comparison between the value of your investment property and other homes in the neighborhood.

Commercial Appraisal for Investment Property

What if you own a commercial property and need commercial appraisals in Ottawa?

 Commercial appraisals and properties are very different from residential because these appraisals are much more subjective. The value of the commercial real estate is based on the amount of rent it generates and its expenses. A residential appraisal is mainly based on the comparison approach (looking at comparables that sold within the past month(s).

Important Things about Ottawa Commercial Appraisals

Some of the most vital factors of commercial real estate appraisals are as follows.

Inspection is Just the Beginning

Some property owners believe that a commercial appraisal is all about inspection. However, that’s not true as it’s just the first step of a complex process. After completing the inspection, appraisers will do a lot of different things, like researching public records and investigating demographic information.

This will help them to compile comparable sales, rental prices in the area, and replacement costs. Using all this information, your appraiser will determine the value of your property and then write a report. Therefore, this process can take days and even weeks in some cases.   

Prepare Your House For An Appraisal

Not everyone will tell you, but you must prepare your house for an appraisal to get its actual worth of it. In the event that you’re selling your house or refinancing your mortgage, here are some easy appraisal recommendations that may help you improve the worth of your property.

  • Important papers such as land surveys should be collected in preparation for the appraiser’s visit.
  • Keep a running record of house renovations (as well as their receipts) on hand.
  • Improve your curb appeal by having professional landscaping done and keeping your yard clean
  • Simple fixes such as cleaning up chipping paint or tightening loose doorknobs should be performed.
  • Check that all of the lights, plumbing, and safety devices, such as smoke detectors, are operational.

These items may seem minor, but you have no clue how much value they might add to your home if you take the time to look around. As a result, National Appraisals recommends that you keep all of these considerations in mind when submitting your home for appraisal.

For the most part, the appraiser works alone to assess the worth of a property, and he or she has little contact with either the seller or the buyer. The actual walk-through to inspect the property is just a small part of the appraiser’s total report, and it is done in a relatively short period of time.

The rest of the appraisal process is based on the area, various characteristics of the property, square footage, and recent comparable home sales. The following are typical factors that our appraisers take into consideration when determining the value of a home:

  • The property’s square footage
  • The home’s exterior is in good shape
  • The home’s interior is in good shape
  • Improvements and upgrades to one’s home

Choose National Appraisals

Researching comparable properties in your area and emphasizing the improvements you have made to your home can help you make an impression. Therefore, at National Appraisals, we highly recommend making all due improvements before asking for an Appraisal. So, contact us today and get a proper appraisal.

Appraiser Must Follow a Strict Code of Ethics

A professional real estate appraiser in Ottawa must provide an unbiased opinion at all times. He/she must have a factual explanation for every estimate stated in the report. If someone fails to fulfill this criterion, strict actions (like revocation of appraiser’s certification) can be taken against him/her.   

Identify the Potential Users

It’s very important to tell the appraiser about the people who will be using the report. This is because the appraiser will mention those parties in the report and only they are authorized to use it.

Consider the Date of Valuation

This is an extremely critical factor that is often ignored during the appraisal process. The date of valuation determines the worth of an investment property for that particular date. The appraiser won’t be responsible for any hike or drop in the property’s value before or after the date of valuation. 

How Much Does a Commercial Appraisal Cost in Ontario?

The appraisal cost depends on several different factors, such as the commercial appraisal company you select and the size of your property. On average, the appraisal cost of a commercial investment property is around $2,000 or $3,000 per report. However, large-scale projects can easily cost more than $10,000, and this price can go up to $25,000.

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