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Every couple’s greatest fear is for their relationship to end in divorce. Aside from the emotional turmoil, there is also practical shambles to contend with. How are you going to unravel the intricate web of relationships you’ve created together?

A division of your furnishings is one thing; dividing your most valuable financial asset, your home, is quite another altogether.

Unfortunately, using a saw to cut it along the center will do you no good at all in this situation. There is only one way to ensure that each spouse receives their fair share, and that is to determine the value of their respective assets. If you want to avoid leaving your ex-spouse feeling resentful and ready to take you to court, don’t just come up with a figure and shrug it off.

Why Do You Need National Appraisal Services?

To obtain an accurate value of your home, top real estate lawyers and brokers that specialize in assisting divorced couples would recommend that you get the property evaluated by a qualified appraiser. This is where National Appraisals will help you.

National Appraisals will help you when emotions are running high with an impartial assessment of your property’s actual worth. This may be the best option for you! It is customary in a divorce to deal with property that is co-owned by both spouses in one of three ways: via sale, a continuation of co-ownership, or purchase outright by one of the spouses.

A certified appraisal may be beneficial in any of the three kinds of procedures, but it may be particularly beneficial in the event of a buyout. In general, buyouts take place in the following ways:

  • The spouses agree upon the fair market value of the property or assets in the issue
  • The spouse who will become the entire owner of the property pays half of the agreed-upon value to the spouse who is being bought out, either as a one-time payment or as part of a legally agreed-upon payment schedule, depending on the circumstances.
  • If the mortgage payments are still being paid, agreements may be made to release the spouse who is being bought out from their mortgage responsibilities as part of the transaction.

The issue here is that, in the absence of a professional appraisal, it is very difficult for two spouses to come to a full agreement on the worth of the property. It is at this point that we come in.

When you are going through a difficult divorce, the last thing you want to deal with is drawn-out litigation over disputes over the market worth of the family house, for example. National Appraisals in Ottawa can provide you with a comprehensive appraisal report that will allow you to come to an agreement on a value that meets both of your requirements for accuracy and discretion while also being valid for use in future legal documents.

What to Expect During a Matrimonial Appraisal?

An appraiser will come inside the home and determine the worth by taking measurements, taking photographs, measuring square footage, measuring lot size, and counting the number of rooms.

During an assessment, almost all appraisers utilize the same form, known as the Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR). In this form, you will be asked specific questions about the local demographics, housing trends in the region, available utilities, dimensions and information about the home, the property’s current state, and how the house fits into the surrounding community.

Once the appraiser has left, you will no doubt be eager to learn how much they have placed on your property. The good news is that you shouldn’t have to wait too long. After a little more than a week, the assessment report should be ready.

At National Appraisals, our appraisers have complete rigorous training. Thus, they have the knowledge and skills necessary to determine the worth of a property. Our appraisers may serve as a buffer between the two parties in high-stakes circumstances. They are not representing either spouse.

Preparing for an Appraisal

Once you’ve determined who will conduct the appraisal (hopefully without incident), it’s important to prepare your house so that the appraiser can provide you with the most accurate value possible.

The outside look of a house may have an impact on an appraiser’s decision one way or another. If you are the spouse who is leaving the house and will get half of the property’s worth in the event of a buyout, you want to get the most money possible for the home.

To do this, be sure to clean the home from top to bottom and to make any small repairs that are inexpensive enough for you to put aside among the other expenses of your divorce.

National Appraisals specializes in providing valuation and consulting services to clients involved in marital disputes. Over the course of many years and numerous cases, we have assisted our clients and their attorneys in resolving the financially complex issues that arise in the context of a divorce.

We can be trusted to evaluate the reasonableness of financial representations in a precise and impartial way, whether we are appointed by a court in a neutral capacity or directly hired by one party to a dispute in which we are involved.

Our studies are designed to provide evidence in support of lawsuits addressing the following issues:

  • Controlling and minority interests in tightly held companies are valued
  • The evaluation of licenses, degrees, and certificates
  • Employee stock options are valued according to their market value
  • Whenever required, the preparation of expert reports is undertaken

Our experienced appraisers and with the preparation of our clients, National Appraisals can help to reduce financial complications and emotional strain.

The practice of married couples purchasing property together or of newlyweds adding each other’s names to property titles is quite common in today’s society. In the event of a divorce, this increases the likelihood of disagreements arising when it comes to dividing assets and establishing a mutually agreeable separation agreement.

Therefore, you need professional appraisal services from National Appraisals who give an unbiased decision that is favorable for both parties.

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