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Residential Home Appraisal Service in Ontario

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Ontario’s Top Residential Property Appraisers

National Appraisals, recognized as one of the premier names in the field, offers professional residential property appraisals in Ottawa, Toronto, and Kingston. Our team of experienced appraisers, well-versed in the nuances of the local market, ensures the delivery of precise estimates for your home’s value. Certified and continually updated on market trends, our experts guarantee accuracy and reliability.

As a full-service residential property appraisal company in Canada, we extend our expertise to all property types, including single-family homes, condos, and townhouses.

Residential Property Appraisals in Ottawa, Kingston & Toronto

Residential property appraisals, a cornerstone of our services, are categorized into three main areas:

1. Appraisals for mortgage financing or Re-financing

When it comes to Ottawa Mortgage Financing Appraisals, our certified appraisers play a crucial role. This type of appraisal is typically requested by prospective lenders seeking to determine the true value of a home and gain insights into its interior condition. In non-CMHC insured mortgages, lenders often commission appraisals to ensure adequate financing by assessing property value and comparable sales.

2. Appraisals for Re-financing

Lenders approach us not only for mortgage financing appraisals but also for refinancing purposes. Real estate investors leverage refinancing appraisals to secure financing for new projects or ongoing renovations, enabling them to expand their portfolios or maintain their existing assets.

3. Pre-listing appraisals

Are you preparing to sell your home? If conflicting values from various sources are causing confusion, our certified and licensed appraisers can provide clarity. A residential appraisal report, based on a professional valuation, offers an exact estimate of your home’s true value. It may even reveal that your property’s value exceeds previous estimates due to factors like zoning, future potential uses, upcoming bylaw amendments, and subtle changes in the official plan.

4. Pre-purchase appraisals

For those seeking a new residence or investment property, our pre-purchase Ottawa residential appraisal service proves invaluable. This service minimizes the risk of overpaying by delivering a comprehensive report that aids negotiation and ensures you are well-informed about the property’s true value.

Benefits of a pre-purchase appraisal:

Negotiate the asking price using the appraisal report and knowing the true value.

Potentially save thousands by understanding the exact value.

Provide sellers with an understanding of the optimal price range for their property.

Serve as a selling tool for property flipping or renovation decisions.

National Appraisals, as a Canadian residential appraiser, prioritizes accuracy, reliability, and the provision of valuable insights for our clients. Our commitment extends to delivering top-notch residential appraisal services without compromise.

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