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Residential Property Appraisal Services

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Do you require an appraisal before issuing a mortgage?

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Appraisals for Selling Your Residential Property.

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Do not overpay for a home; get an appraisal done.

Canada’s Top Residential Property Appraisers

National Appraisals offers professional residential property appraisals in Ottawa, Toronto, and Kingston. We have a team of experienced appraisers who are familiar with the local market and can provide you with an accurate estimate of your home’s value. Our team of experts is certified and experienced, and we’re always up-to-date on the latest market trends.

We are a full-service residential property appraisal company in Canada. We provide appraisals for all types of properties including single-family homes, condos, townhouses, and more.

Residential Property Appraisals in Ottawa, Kingston & Toronto

Residential property appraisals can fall into 3 different categories:

  • Appraisals for mortgage financing or Re-financing
  • Appraisals for the purpose of selling or listing a property
  • Appraisals for the purpose of buying a property

Ottawa Mortgage Financing Appraisals

This type of Residential Appraisal in Ottawa is usually requested by a prospective lender(s). Mortgage lenders may request this appraisal to find the true value of the home and get a few comments about the interior condition of the property.

Usually, a mortgage financing appraisal is done when your mortgage is non-CMHC insured. Since CMHC is not insuring the mortgage, your lender requests an appraisal to see the exact value, comparable sales, and interior condition of the property to ensure adequate financing.

Appraisals for Re-financing

Lenders contact us for appraisals for refinancing in addition to mortgage financing for the purchase.

The majority of real estate investors use this tool in order to get financing for future projects or existing renovations. This tool allows them to grow their real estate portfolio and or allow them to renovate their existing portfolio so that their asset is always up to date.

Pre-listing appraisals 

Looking to sell your home? Are you getting conflicting values from different sources?

An appraisal report, by a certified and licensed appraiser, can help! Appraisers are valuation professionals and can give an exact estimate of your home’s true value.

Additionally, a residential appraisal report may indicate that the value of your home could be greater than what you have been told because of unknown reasons such as zoning, future potential uses, upcoming bylaw amendments, and minor changes in the official plan that can be easily overlooked.

It is important to get an appraisal done by only certified and licensed appraisers. An opinion of value has no merit, and the person giving an opinion of value cannot be held responsible.

Pre-purchase appraisals 

Looking to get a new property to live in? or are you looking for an investment property?

We do get a lot of requests from different buyers to value a property that they are looking to buy. The residential appraisal report can help in order to minimize and mitigate the risk of overpaying for a particular property. A pre-purchase Ottawa residential appraisal can help you potentially save thousands of dollars, or give you an advantage when you are purchasing a property.

Benefits of a pre-purchase appraisal:

  • You can negotiate the asking price by utilizing the appraisal report and knowing the true value
  • You can potentially save thousands by knowing what the exact value is
  • It potentially can give the sellers an understanding of the exact price range they should sell their property for
  • Could be a selling tool when you decide to flip/renovate the property

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